Common methods of restumping

The Common Methods Of Re-Stumping A House

Re-stumping is a repair method used to salvage the situation when houses have issues with the foundation. The foundation repair method, also known as underpinning, is used to prevent the foundation for suffering more cracks due to an unstable settlement. The instability weakens the foundation making it unable to support the weight of the house. In senses, re-stumping efficiently increasing the foundation’s load bearing capacity thus stabilizing to support the above property.

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Which Re-Stumping Method Can Be Used?

•    Mass Pouring

 It is the most common foundation underpinning method used on foundations that have a shallow depth. It works for foundations that do not require too much digging only weak soil is excavated underneath the foundation and is replaced with mass concrete. Mass pouring is the cheapest re-stumping methods because it required simple foundation repair engineering. 

•    Pilling

The method can be viewed as one that involves driving concrete nails into the ground to reinforce the existing foundation. The nails, known as piles, are driven in equal distance into the ground along either side of the wall and are connected using steel or concrete pins punched through the walls. It is an efficient repair option for houses built on foundations in waterlogged areas.

•    Beam And Base

It is a method that combines the use of mass concrete base with beams. The method places a new based underneath with the foundation resting on beams. The beams support the load of the foundation as they transfer the excess to the mass concrete base where it is evenly distributed. The beam and base re-stumping methods only work for specific foundation types while also factoring in the nature and weight of the structure erected on the foundation.

•    Resin Injection

foundartional repairs

The method is simple though an advanced foundation repair engineering. It involves drilling holes into the ground, and then the resin is injected into the holes and absorbed into the soil. As the resin dries, it expands binding with the soil thus causing it to be a stable ground that can support the foundation which in turn supports the weight of the house.

•    Soil Grouting

It is an underpinning method that works using the same principles of resin injection. However, the method uses a special polymer mortar instead of resin. The polymer is designed to bind granular soil together that changing the ground offer a more stable foundation support. Soil Grouting is an efficient re-stumping method for houses build on shifting soils such as sandy and loamy soils.

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Choice of re-stumping methods to be used depends on the type of foundation of the house. Each method is effective to address the problems of a particular foundation; none is a one-do-it-all method. The foundation repair will thus call for the following considerations:

•    Knowing the type of foundation

•    The cause of foundation damage

•    The depth of the excavation and the site’s restraints

•    How long the foundation stayed stable after completion of original construction

•    Knowing the local foundation repair and construction regulations

The cost of a re-stumping method will be the last thing to consider because each method is suitable for a particular type of foundation. Make sure you contractor is Master Builders Nevertheless, each method costs differently based on its application and simplicity. For instance, the cost of resin injection may be affordable or expensive depending on the amount of resin used.

The right way to rank

Search engine Optimization

London SEO

In the field of search engine marketing, there are a ton of different areas where skill proficiency is a must. If you are new to the arena, back from a hiatus or just need something to help you focus on one area at a time, I have something for you. I use a short and simple equation that organizes all of the search marketing tasks into different groups.

Here she is:
Research + SEO + Link Building = High Search Rankings

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Seems like a elementary equation to represent such complex tasks and systems but I assure you, it will help when you need a frame of reference or you get lost in the weeds. As always, the better you become in each area of the equation the better results you’ll achieve.

Part One: Research

Seo tactics
The most overlooked area of search marketing is in my opinion, the planning and research necessary to the success of any website online. You should be engaging in keyword research, niche analysis and competitive analysis before you construct your plan of attack or develop any target keyword spreadsheets.

Analyze keyword difficulty

Analyze the competitors that currently rank for the keywords you want

Compile a comprehensive keyword list with at least a metric for keyword difficulty

Develop your SEO plan of action

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Part Two: Search Engine Optimization

Of course, before you decide how the website will be optimized, you’ve got to have a firm grasp on which keywords are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck. Obviously, you should scoop up the keywords that are easiest and put in solid consistent effort in improving your rankings for more difficult long term keyword goals.

Before you build your first link, write your first blog post, submit to or tell a friend about your website, you must:


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Create unique page titles

Create unique meta data/information

Create unique urls using mod-rewrite or something similar

Fix any canonicalization issues

Check site-wide architecture and make sure the infrastructure is in tact with no server error pages

Make sure unique content is on every page

Don’t ever serve two pages with the same content

If you can’t master the aforementioned tasks, don’t tell anybody until you can.
Part Three: Link Building

Seo tactics

So, you want to get your website fully indexed by the search engines and you know you’ve got to get some juicy inbound links to it. Sorry guys, ultimately, if you suck at link building, you’re going to have an impossible time getting the rankings you/your client is looking for. If you’re giving it a shot anyway, here are a few popular ways to accomplish this task!

Manual Link Building (slow): this usually consists of contacting website owners and convincing them to put a link on their website that links to yours. This is totally cool for the more popular websites whose link would benefit your rankings greatly but don’t just go contacting any old Joe with a PR1 blogger blog for a link.

Blog Writing (slow/medium): One of the best ways to build links to your domain is to create an active blog that offers content to an eventual community of users. The topics can usually be directly or tangentially related to your company/product. The con here is that creating a successful blog takes time, creativity and patience which a lot of us don’ t have. If you can weather the storm, the pro of keeping a successful blog severly outweighs the con with thousands of visitors per day becoming the “talkers” for your company often linking your site to others and spreading offline word of mouth as well.

Social Media Marketing (fast): If you engage in social media marketing correctly, this can turn into a link-building powerhouse for you. By far, the most difficult part of this process is creating link-worthy content and refining your promotional skills, two activities that even “web 2.0” experts struggle with.

Remember when optimizing your website and campaigns, you’ll want to make sure you’re using analytics data to make decisions about which tactics work and which ones do not. The power of the search marketing equation should get stronger and stronger over time.

Note: this is by no means the end to the work done in search marketing, but it does illustrate in a quasi-mathematical way, what areas you must focus on for success with your website.

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Web Page & Web Site Development

Small tips for success web development

Web development is currently the cheapest and most efficient way to advertise. In this article I present some useful tips for a successful web development.

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Working at home is a valid choice

whodaman home office


Most people know at least one person who works from their home either part time of full time. The Internet and Wi-Fi have made working from places other than a traditional office a reality. As the definition of working continues to change, from 9-5 at the office to results-based efforts, the “where” you work becomes less important. Although hard to track, the number of people who work outside the office is growing fast, and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Yet, employers are still hesitant to embrace telecommuting for fear that without direct oversight; the employee will make mistakes that may have been correctable.

Despite the potential pitfalls, there are more pros then cons for both groups. The employer gets an employee who is happy with their job, so not only are they more productive, but they are more likely to stay with that employer. In addition, the employer (especially if the worker is working from home full-time) can reduce the amount of office space they need, resulting in a cost savings. Also, since they do not commute, the worker can be at “work” sooner or stay later. As an example, if they are working on a project with fellow employees that cross multiple time zones, the stay at home worker can readily adapt to those unique requirements.

In addition, the company can attract talent that may not be available locally.  For the employee, the ability to work from home has numerous benefits. For working parents, it provides them with the opportunity to be near their children, especially in the case of illness or a special needs child. Spouses whose husbands or wives have positions that require constant moving, such as the military, are able to start or continue in their chosen career. Also, employees with mobility problems are still able to contribute to the success of the company. Even if an employee does not fit into one of the categories above, there are still some excellent reasons to work from home.

First, you can save money. Working from home or your local Starbucks cuts down dramatically on the amount and types of clothing (let alone dry cleaning) you need. Working in your pajamas (or more likely jeans or shorts) is certainly cheaper than buying a suit or other dress clothes. If you live in an area without decent public transportation, your gas costs go way down. Even with public transportation, you can save money. Also, you have considerably more freedom. With Wi-Fi becoming readily available, you do not have to stay home to do your work. Why not do research for your project while sitting in Starbucks drinking your coffee?  It takes self-motivation, discipline, the ability to work independently, as well as the right skill set to flourish as an at-home employee. But if you have those talents the possibilities are endless.

The top 5 stay at home jobs are:

1) Virtual assistants: They do almost everything an assistant does, including creating spread sheets, PowerPoint presentation, etc. however they are not in the same office.

2) Medical Transcriptionists: They transcribe a medical professional’s observation into readable text.

3) Remote Technical Support: They perform the same duties as any other tech support personnel, only remotely from home.

4) Teachers and Tutors: Online education is booming, and more classes are taught via the Web every week. Tutors perform all of the same functions as an in-person tutor, but they link up through the Web.

5) Web Developer/Designer: Probably the largest growing sector in the work from home job market is web design/development. Remotely located Web developers and designers perform all of the same duties as their office counterparts.

6) Rochester Carpet Cleaning Company: Even though this is a service based business where you will have to travel to your customer’s house, this is definitely a business you can operate from your home. You only need a small office space and storage for your machine and chemicals. Once your master your new profession and provide great customer service, you will quickly have some of the best carpet cleaning company reviews in the Rochester area. To further expand your services, you can also add upholstery cleaning and mattress cleaning.


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Starting Up Your Own Business – Is It Right For You?

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, there are an estimated 600,000 businesses that are started annually in a wide range of industries and that number changes very little due to economic conditions at hand. In other words, in good times, starting up your own business occurs because ideas as well as funding flows more freely and, in bad times, increased job layoffs and business closures provide incentives to starting up your own business or to buy other struggling operations and to re-launch them.

The road to starting up your own business varies and it requires a certain mindset and tool kit to survive the critical early days. “The challenge to anyone starting a business today is to understand the steps,” states Mike Green, founder and CEO of Vizitnow3D, an Internet innovation start up in Oregon. “Get your idea vetted. Show it to people you trust for honest feedback. Show it to people in the industry you’re targeting and let them provide you with suggestions and cautions. Establish a team: If you’re planning a do-it-yourself business, that’s OK. Any idea requires a good dedicated knowledgeable and experienced team. There are exceptions, of course. Create a plan: Sure, you can start with a napkin, a piece of paper or even a whiteboard. At the end of the day, you will need a well thought out business plan to your new product or service the best in the industry. Then show it to people who have the ability to vet a business plan. And listen to their feedback.”

The plan and team provide the infrastructure for starting up your own business and it also provides the model to outline the funding to help to build and grow the operation. Many start ups never get beyond the drawing board or they have the funding and no real future. “Put skin in the game: You have an idea, a team and a plan. Now you need funding to get to your first milestone. Dig deep. It starts with you. No entrepreneur can ask other people for money without taking the first risk,” Green adds. “Look for alternative funding sources. Angels help entrepreneurs reach milestones of success, but that funding costs a lot. You have to sell a part of your business. If you have a small local business such as a carpet cleaning company, that will dramatically cut into your bottom line. A preferable approach is to find a customer for your idea. In the vetting stage of your idea, that’s a good time to find out if your target market and potential customers are interested and willing to pay for it. If you’ve done your homework, you will have customers already when you develop the service or product.”

With the many barriers to entry that impact starting up your own business, especially those launched by Black entrepreneurs, some times the major obstacle is closer than you think. “As a journalist-turned-entrepreneur in the digital pioneering space, I have developed an innovative platform upon which content and advertising will create new user experiences. Yet, while I’ve been invited to speak to numerous angel groups who are interested in my company’s idea, I can’t even get an email response, much less a meeting with media,” notes Green. “Even Black media, many of which are far behind the digital technology curve, can’t muster up a reply. But entrepreneurs must be flexible enough to go around obstacles. And we must be patient enough to persist down the path of our passions and persevere. Today, there are so many paths developed and many more are being developed for tomorrow. These paths are tools developed for enterprising entrepreneurs, made available by other enterprising entrepreneurs. In this age of innovation, the biggest asset for starting (up) your (own) business is the spirit of collaboration and cooperation.”