Working at home is a valid choice

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Most people know at least one person who works from their home either part time of full time. The Internet and Wi-Fi have made working from places other than a traditional office a reality. As the definition of working continues to change, from 9-5 at the office to results-based efforts, the “where” you work becomes less important. Although hard to track, the number of people who work outside the office is growing fast, and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Yet, employers are still hesitant to embrace telecommuting for fear that without direct oversight; the employee will make mistakes that may have been correctable.

Despite the potential pitfalls, there are more pros then cons for both groups. The employer gets an employee who is happy with their job, so not only are they more productive, but they are more likely to stay with that employer. In addition, the employer (especially if the worker is working from home full-time) can reduce the amount of office space they need, resulting in a cost savings. Also, since they do not commute, the worker can be at “work” sooner or stay later. As an example, if they are working on a project with fellow employees that cross multiple time zones, the stay at home worker can readily adapt to those unique requirements.

In addition, the company can attract talent that may not be available locally.  For the employee, the ability to work from home has numerous benefits. For working parents, it provides them with the opportunity to be near their children, especially in the case of illness or a special needs child. Spouses whose husbands or wives have positions that require constant moving, such as the military, are able to start or continue in their chosen career. Also, employees with mobility problems are still able to contribute to the success of the company. Even if an employee does not fit into one of the categories above, there are still some excellent reasons to work from home.

First, you can save money. Working from home or your local Starbucks cuts down dramatically on the amount and types of clothing (let alone dry cleaning) you need. Working in your pajamas (or more likely jeans or shorts) is certainly cheaper than buying a suit or other dress clothes. If you live in an area without decent public transportation, your gas costs go way down. Even with public transportation, you can save money. Also, you have considerably more freedom. With Wi-Fi becoming readily available, you do not have to stay home to do your work. Why not do research for your project while sitting in Starbucks drinking your coffee?  It takes self-motivation, discipline, the ability to work independently, as well as the right skill set to flourish as an at-home employee. But if you have those talents the possibilities are endless.

The top 5 stay at home jobs are:

1) Virtual assistants: They do almost everything an assistant does, including creating spread sheets, PowerPoint presentation, etc. however they are not in the same office.

2) Medical Transcriptionists: They transcribe a medical professional’s observation into readable text.

3) Remote Technical Support: They perform the same duties as any other tech support personnel, only remotely from home.

4) Teachers and Tutors: Online education is booming, and more classes are taught via the Web every week. Tutors perform all of the same functions as an in-person tutor, but they link up through the Web.

5) Web Developer/Designer: Probably the largest growing sector in the work from home job market is web design/development. Remotely located Web developers and designers perform all of the same duties as their office counterparts.

6) Rochester Carpet Cleaning Company: Even though this is a service based business where you will have to travel to your customer’s house, this is definitely a business you can operate from your home. You only need a small office space and storage for your machine and chemicals. Once your master your new profession and provide great customer service, you will quickly have some of the best carpet cleaning company reviews in the Rochester area. To further expand your services, you can also add upholstery cleaning and mattress cleaning.


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